Luke Briggs

A Definitive Changelog of Progress

Inspection and Dissection: Sounds2Spotify

Available on Github Brief Description Sounds2Spotify is a web extension for firefox and chrome that converts the tracklists that appear on BBC Sounds programme pages to be converted into Spotify playlists. Unlike Calmer-Internet this extension can only be installed by following the instructions on Github due to its use of API keys. Impetus One of my pleasures in life is listening to Music. My favourite tracks are stored locally and also in Spotify playlists for when I’m using a device without my collection.

Inspection and Dissection: Calmer Internet - My First Web Extension

The product page is available here Brief Description Calmer Internet is a web extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge that makes the internet a less infuriating place to be. It removes comments, recommended content and various trending pages from Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to try and relieve that doom-scrolling. Rationale Since I finished stage 1 of University in June, I had a considerable amount of time off. A lot of that time was spent in a state of not quite working and not quite relaxing.

Full Release: newcastle-bst - Harvard referencing style as recommended by Newcastle University

A couple of months ago I released a blog post about LateX. At the bottom of the post I made quick reference to a BibTeX style I had created for the referencing used by Newcastle University. The style had a few bugs and was quite hard to find it but it was left dormant while I made some other software and focused on work. I am now pleased to say that I have spent some work polishing it up, fixing some issues, and giving it a proper release.

Inspection and Dissection: Pepys - A Straightforward Markdown Editor

The product page is available here Brief Description Pepys is a GUI journaling application built using Python bindings for the Qt framework. It is available as an installer for Windows and a Flatpak on Linux. Background I started journaling around February last year, it was probably the most prescient thing I have ever done. It wasn’t long before we all went into self-imposed isolation and journaling provided a good way to express my thoughts.

Flatpak: Instructions Not Included

There is a very peculiar thing I have found in software development, it is incredibly difficult to actually get software on other people’s machines. Even compiled languages can have difficulty. Context I am elbow deep in a very large personal project at the moment (all will be revealed soon) that has so far taken a month. The project is getting to a stage now where deployment methods have to be evaluated.

Where Hugo I Go

As you are probably aware, I have redecorated. I said in a previous post that my reason for making my own site in the first place was as a central hub to point people to all the things that I do. Despite the fact that from the outside it looks like I haven’t done a whole lot since, behind the scenes I have my biggest project yet in development (check out my GitHub if you want a sneak preview of that).

Inspection and Dissection: Type or Die Link For the past 5 days I have done what I have failed to do many times before, complete the process of making a game. The game was for the NUCATS Game Jam. NUCATS is the Newcastle University Computing and Technology Society. It was made in Unity (with great help from Brackeys), and it was really the first reasonably sized game I’ve made. The only other thing I’ve ever made in Unity was Ping which, as the name suggests, was a pong clone.

You Can Now Follow Me on RSS!

I had a bit of time today and I wanted to do something so here we are. Thanks to the incredible FeedGen python library, you can now point your RSS reader to here and get updates on when I write a new post.

Goodbye Windows, I Hardly GNU ya

Preface: I should state that this is not an evangelical sermon, Linux isn’t for everyone but it is for me. This is merely a detailing of why I have chosen to switch Operating System I have, over the course of the past year, consumed pretty much every interpretation and adaptation of Sherlock Holmes out there, from the original works to tangentially linked shows such as the excellent House MD; one thing I have come to understand is that you can only deduce correctly if your initial assumptions are correct.

Inspection & Dissection: This Site!

Look at me with a fancy website. We’re about to get meta as we discuss how this site you’re exploring right now came to be. Why have a website? I want something to point to when someone asks ‘so what have you done?’. I also need it for when I ask myself the same thing. Sometimes I wonder how much I have actually done in my spare time, and a site like this helps me to remember that I haven’t wasted all of my spare time on Minecraft.

The Layperson’s Guide to LaTeX

As part of my degree I will have to write many words into many documents and submit them all as part of assignments. There was a time when we were young, stupid and thought that the peak of document formatting was WordArt, a drop shadow, and rainbow II. We would stick borders on our .pub files and feel superior if our PowerPoints had a dissolve transition. As we age past primary school we begin to conform to the world’s sensibilities that Comic Sans is not an adequate typeface and having every colour on the spectrum is a way to actually guarantee some of your text will be unreadable.

Inspection & Dissection: Dice-Jack

As part of a course we had to make a game in 2 days that involved random dice and be made as a Windows forms application with Visual Basic. So we had to make a game in something that was the furthest you could get from a game engine with a language I had never used before. But hey, Rogue was made in 1980 and the graphics had to be ASCII so it could be worse.


We are currently in a scholarly purgatory. The time between July and September where you are attached to no institution, have no motivation and spend months fretting over how your past self will affect your future self (neither of which do anything for your current self) At 11 am I received my AS results via e-mail (how modern) and received AAB + Distinction. I am happy with this. It’s literally the second-best results I could have achieved at this point, but there is still an unsettling feeling around me.

Making a Mobile App – Chapter 5: Go Your Own Way

“Real programmers set the universal constants at the start such that the >universe evolves to contain the disk with the data they want .” xkcd 378 I wanted to add a gallery for users to be able to scroll through a variety of images so I did a quick google search about how I was going to go about it and I found react-native-image-view. In 6 lines of code and an array of Imgur links you can have a decent and working image gallery, job sorted!

Making a Mobile App – Chapter 4: Fast and Flash

“A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” Douglas Adams As this app will be for a business, it has to serve some purposes. First it has to present the company as a professional entity and also fit with its branding to provide not only a consistent experience but to also strengthen that companies place in your head, making them more likely to go to them rather than anyone else.