Calmer Internet


A web extension that hides the elements of web pages that are best off hidden. Many sites are designed to suck time away from you by showing you things that are interesting enough to keep you scrolling but offers no value.

This extension strips away all these comments, recommendations and promotions leaving you with just the content you have specifically asked to receive.

Youtube without comments or recommendation sidebar
Twitter without trending, who to follow, or explore elements
Instagram without comments

Youtube elements:

  • Home links
  • Explore links
  • Trending link (mobile)
  • Comments
  • Redirect home page to subscriptions
  • Watch next section
  • Live Chat
  • End screen video wall

Twitter elements:

  • Trending bar
  • Explore link
  • ‘Who to Follow’ bar
  • Topics bar

Instagram elements:

  • Explore links
  • Explore people links
  • Comments below posts in feed
  • Comments in posts



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